Katrina Turnbull

Katrina Turnbull Behavioural Optometrist

I qualified as an optometrist in 1992 I soon became involved in post graduate education in Behavioural Optometry. This means I have a special interest in helping children or adults with issues related to either the comfort or their ability to read efficiently. This may involve issues with whiteboards, computers or paper based text. This in turn has led to me specialising in dyslexia and to being the recommended optometrist at the University of Worcester.

Symptoms that I help alleviate include headaches, eye strain or photo-sensitivity. These can also present as any of the following : blurring or doubling of print, difficulty with small print, losing place, poor comprehension and text moving etc.

The methods I use to relieve all the above issues include low plus lenses, overlays, prisms, filtered (coloured) lenses and vision therapy.

For more information please look at www.babo.co.uk

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